Francis James

(c. 1580—1616) Latin poet

'Francis James' can also refer to...

James Edward Francis Stuart

Galvin, James Francis

Stuart, James (Francis Edward)

Francis James Child (1825—1896) philologist and ballad scholar

Francis James Chavasse (1846—1928) bishop of Liverpool

Francis James Montgomery Collinson (1898—1984) musical director and musicologist

James Francis Byrnes (1882—1972)

Francis James Rennell Rodd (1895—1978) merchant banker and geographer

Francis James Newman Rogers (1791—1851) judge and legal writer

James Francis Edward Stuart (1688—1766) Jacobite claimant to the thrones of England, Scotland, and Ireland

James Francis Stephens (1792—1852) entomologist

Francis James Gray (1880—1935) politician

Sir Francis James Wylie (1865—1952) university administrator

JAMES, Francis - Painter

BROWN, James Francis, Painter

Finn, Francis James

Grimké, Francis James

Carey, James Francis

Smith, James Francis

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