George James

(1738—1795) portrait painter

'George James' can also refer to...

James George

George James (b. 1906)

George James Allman (1812—1898) naturalist

George James Cole (1906—1979) industrialist

George James Coles (1885—1977)

James Z. George Mississippi's Great Commoner

George James Snelus (1837—1906) metallurgist

Sir James George Scott (1851—1935) administrator in Burma and author

James St George (c. 1236—1307) military engineer

James of St George (c. 1250—1308)

George James Williams (1719—1805) wit and letter writer

James George Semple (1759—1815) adventurer

George Frederick James Temple (1901—1992) mathematician and Roman Catholic priest

Sir George James Turner (1798—1867) judge

George James Symons (1838—1900) meteorologist

George James Odgers (b. 1916)

Corbould, George James (1786)

James George Smith Neill (1810—1857) army officer in the East India Company

George James Howard (1843—1911) artist and politician

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