Jeki la Njambe, the Son of God, Has a Hostile Relationship with His Father

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(Batanga, Duala, Malimba, Pongo/Cameroon)

Njambe, the future father of Jeki and a famous man, has nine wives (he has been married for 146 years), nine fields under cultivation, many canoes, slaves, and cattle. His senior wife is initially barren, and Njambe therefore remains distant from her. She finally gives birth to a daughter who is abducted by a spirit. The second time she is pregnant, she remains so for an inordinately long time. Jeki, her son, speaks in her womb, departs from her body at times, and identifies the place where he wishes to be born. Before he is born, many wonderful weapons emerge. Njambe, his father, attempts to kill his son, sending him to events where this is certain to occur. But Jeki always triumphs, his brothers are killed instead, and he brings them back to life. He goes into the underworld, the land of the spirits, and brings home the sister who had been abducted before he was born. He engages in adventures involving crocodiles and whales and water spirits, struggles with fantasy characters, and remains protected by his mother by means of a supernatural amulet. He sometimes destroys his enemies in flames, then eats the ashes. He is killed a number of times and resurrected by his mother, his sister, or another being called Jeki. He encounters an old woman with long breasts, and heals her. He is married in the end, and takes over Njambe's position.

Subjects: Religion.

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