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1 A light tackle comprising a double and single block, multiplying the power by four when rove to advantage and used for many small purposes on board ship. Originally it was designed to hold on to the cable as it was being hove on board in the form of a temporary stopper when anchors were weighed by hand. In fore-and-aft-rigged ships a jigger was also often used on the standing part of the throat and peak halyards to give them the final sweating up. A boom jigger was one used to rig the studding-sail booms in and out from the lower and topsail yards of square-rigged ships. It is in effect a luff tackle used with a rope of smaller size.

See also purchase.

See also purchase.

2 The name given to the small sail set on a jigger-mast.

Subjects: Maritime History.

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