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(Skt., knowledge and insight; Pāli, ñāṇa-dassana).

Insight arising from knowledge, particularly relating to the central truths of Buddhism (including nirvāṇa) which are said to be ‘seen’ by intuitive insight (prajñā). This insight arises when the five hindrances (nīvaraṇa) are removed and a state of mental concentration (samādhi) is attained corresponding to the fourth level of trance (dhyāna). At this point the yogin turns his mind to jñāna-darśana and gains ‘insight into the real nature of things’ (yathā-bhūta-jñāna-darśana) (see yathā-bhūta). In this way it is held a person gains direct personal corroboration of the truth of Buddhist doctrines.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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