William Johns

(1771—1845) Unitarian minister and author

'William Johns' can also refer to...

JOHN, William (1878 - 1955)

William John Macquorn Rankine (1820—1872) civil engineer and physicist

William John Samuel Pullen (1813—1887) naval officer

John William Polidori (1795—1821) physician and writer

William John Rose (1885—1968) historian

John William Ricketts (1791—1835) social activist

John William Salter (1820—1869) palaeontologist

John William Robertson Scott (1866—1962) journalist

John William Smith (1809—1845) legal writer

Sir John William Simpson (1858—1933) architect

John William Staniforth (1863—1927)

John William Watson Stephens (1865—1946) parasitologist and expert on tropical diseases

(William) John Christopher Vassall (1924—1996) Admiralty official and spy

William John Braithwaite (1875—1938) civil servant

John William Ward (1781—1833) politician

(John) William Charles Wand (1885—1977) bishop of London

John William Wallace

John William Nevill Watkins (1924—1999) philosopher

John William Wright (1802—1848) watercolour painter

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