John the Canon


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John the Canon [Juan Marbres] (fl. 15th cent.), schoolman

STOCKLEY, Joseph John Gabbett (1862 - 1949), Canon Residentiary of Lichfield and Chancellor of the Cathedral, 1928–44, Canon Emeritus, 1944

HESTER, John Frear (1927 - 2008), Canon Residentiary and Precentor of Chichester Cathedral, 1985–97, Canon Emeritus 1997; Chaplain to the Queen, 1984–97

PUGH, John Richards (1885 - 1961), Canon Emeritus of Llandaff, and Commissary to the Bishop of Willochra

HERVEY, Frederick Alfred John (1846 - 1910), Domestic Chaplain to the King; Canon of Norwich

PELLOE, John Parker (1905 - 1983), a Chaplain to the Queen, 1964–75; Hon. Canon of Ely Cathedral, 1952–53, and 1965–79; then Canon Emeritus

WEIR, Peter John (1831 - 1917), Prelate of the Household of the Pope and Canon of Aberdeen (RC) Cathedral

Cok [Coke], John (c. 1393-c. 1468), Augustinian canon and compiler of the cartulary of St Bartholomew's Hospital, London

Cultural Capital: The Problem of Literary Canon Formation. John Guillory. Chicago and London: University of Chicago Press, 1993. xv + 392 pages. $36.00.

VANCE, Dr John Gabriel (1885 - 1968), Hon. Canon of Westminster since 1933; Domestic Prelate to the Pope, 1938

WALLIS, John Eyre Winstanley (1886 - 1957), Canon Residentiary and Chancellor of Lichfield Cathedral, and Examining Chaplain to the Bishop of Lichfield, since 1945

EYRE, Alfred Collet (1851 - 1929), Hon. Canon of Gloucester Cathedral since 1903; Rector of St John the Baptist, Gloucester, since 1882

DEEDES, Arthur Gordon (1861 - 1916), Vicar of St John the Divine, Kennington, 1911; Hon. Canon of Southwark Cathedral, 1911

DEED, John George (1842 - 1923), Vicar of Nuneaton (patron, the Crown), since 1893, and Canon of Coventry, since 1908

BRIDGER, John (died 1911), Vicar of Rainford, Lancashire; Hon. Canon of Liverpool; Commissary to the Bishop of Qu’Appelle

CLARKE, John Erskine (1827 - 1920), Hon. Canon of Southwark, 1905; Hon. Chaplain to the King, 1901; founder of Bolingbroke Hospital, Wandsworth Common, 1880

PEARCE-HIGGINS, John Denis (1905 - 1985), Hon. Chaplain to the Forces; Residentiary Canon and Vice-Provost of Southwark, 1963–71, later Emeritus

CONDER, Edward Baines (1872 - 1936), Vicar of St John the Baptist, Leamington, since 1929; Hon. Canon of Coventry Cathedral since 1931

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