junctional complex

'junctional complex' can also refer to...

junctional complex

junctional complex

exon junction complex

exon junction complex

Chlamydia pneumoniae infection alters the junctional complex proteins of human brain microvascular endothelial cells

Functional interconnections of Arabidopsis exon junction complex proteins and genes at multiple steps of gene expression

Tuberous sclerosis complex regulates Drosophila neuromuscular junction growth via the TORC2/Akt pathway

Junctional barrier complexes undergo major alterations during the plasma membrane transformation of uterine epithelial cells

TDP-43 regulates global translational yield by splicing of exon junction complex component SKAR

Crystal structure of RuvC resolvase in complex with Holliday junction substrate

IMGT/JunctionAnalysis: the first tool for the analysis of the immunoglobulin and T cell receptor complex V–J and V–D–J JUNCTIONs

Frizzled7 controls vascular permeability through the Wnt-canonical pathway and cross-talk with endothelial cell junction complexes

Extent to which hairpin opening by the Artemis:DNA-PKcs complex can contribute to junctional diversity in V(D)J recombination

The abundance of RNPS1, a protein component of the exon junction complex, can determine the variability in efficiency of the Nonsense Mediated Decay pathway

Nucleotide-dependent interactions between a fork junction–RNA polymerase complex and an AAA+ transcriptional activator protein

CWC22-dependent pre-mRNA splicing and eIF4A3 binding enables global deposition of exon junction complexes


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A term used in electron microscopy to refer to any specialized region of intercellular adhesion, such as a desmosome (q.v.).

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