Kibuka Shoots Arrows from Clouds

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(Ganda/Uganda) Kibuka (Kyobe),

the god of war, was the brother of Mukasa, the highest of the Ganda gods, and the son of Wanema, a god.

During the reign of Nakibinge, the Nyoro were at war with the Ganda. King Nakibinge, after several indecisive battles, sought the aid of the god, Mukasa. They were pleased when Mukasa sent his brother, Kibuka, to assist the king. Mukasa warned him never to let his enemies know where he took up his position in the battle, and he further cautioned him to have no dealings with Nyoro women. Now the king felt confident of victory, and he personally went to the war, taking up a position as general of the army. Kibuka flew up into a cloud and hovered over the enemy; during the battle, he shot down arrows and spears on them, while the Ganda army pressed them in front. The battle ended in favor of the Ganda, and the Nyoro withdrew to a safe distance to consider what they should do. The Ganda had taken some women prisoners, and Kibuka was attracted to one of them. He had her sent to his house. At night she escaped, after having discovered his secrets, who he was and where he posted himself during the battle. She carried the information to her people, who decided to attack the Ganda again the next day, keeping a sharp lookout for Kibuka and his cloud. When the battle was at its height, Kibuka came sailing over the enemy in his cloud and began to hurl down his weapons upon the Nyoro. Some of their archers, however, sent a volley of arrows into the cloud, and Kibuka was mortally wounded. He fled away in his cloud to Mbale in Mawokota, and alighted upon a large tree, where he died. When Kibuka was wounded, he dropped his shield; the Nyoro took it, but many of them fell ill because they kept the shield. See also: Mukasa.

Subjects: Religion.

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