Kiumbi, Angered, Retreats into the Sky

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(Asu, Pare/Tanzania)

Kiumbi, the creator, created the ancestors and all things that they required. These ancestors became mediators between God the creator and the living members of society. Kiumbi had his dwelling place in the sky.

Formerly Kiumbi had regular commerce with people. But the people disobeyed him, eating eggs that he had ordered them not to eat. They did this because they were cheated by a person whose name was Kiriamagi. As a result, God withdrew himself to a distant abode. Now the people were alone, without fellowship with God. But he sometimes visited them.

People attempted to build a tower to reach God's place and thereby attain the former fellowship with him. But the higher they built, the farther God's place receded.

Eventually, God punished the people with a severe famine, during which all the people died except two youths, a boy and a girl. All the people on earth descend from this pair. Since then, man's fellowship with God has been remote, and communication with him has to be sought with the ancestors who are closer to him than the living members of the society.

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