lagging strand

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lagging strand

lagging strand

lagging strand

lagging strand

lagging strand

Replisome mechanics: lagging strand events that influence speed and processivity

Why Are Genes Encoded on the Lagging Strand of the Bacterial Genome?

Archaeal Hel308 helicase targets replication forks in vivo and in vitro and unwinds lagging strands

The percentage of bacterial genes on leading versus lagging strands is influenced by multiple balancing forces

Misincorporation Rate and Type on the Leading and Lagging Strands of UV-Damaged DNA

DNA polymerase δ stalls on telomeric lagging strand templates independently from G-quadruplex formation

Distribution of Repetitive Sequences on the Leading and Lagging Strands of the Escherichia coli Genome: Comparative Study of Long Direct Repeat (LDR) Sequences

Genetics of lagging strand DNA synthesis and maturation in fission yeast: suppression analysis links the Dna2–Cdc24 complex to DNA polymerase δ

A perfect palindrome in the Escherichia coli chromosome forms DNA hairpins on both leading- and lagging-strands

Cycling of the E. coli lagging strand polymerase is triggered exclusively by the availability of a new primer at the replication fork

Substitution and deletion mutations induced by 2-hydroxyadenine in Escherichia coli: effects of sequence contexts in leading and lagging strands

Cloned human FMR1 trinucleotide repeats exhibit a length- and orientation-dependent instability suggestive of in vivo lagging strand secondary structure

Roles of DNA polymerase I in leading and lagging-strand replication defined by a high-resolution mutation footprint of ColE1 plasmid replication

Deficiency of RecA-dependent RecFOR and RecBCD pathways causes increased instability of the (GAA·TTC) n sequence when GAA is the lagging strand template


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The discontinuously synthesized strand of DNA containing ligated Okazaki fragments (q.v.). See leading strand, replication of DNA.

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