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Symbol La. A silvery metallic element belonging to group 3 (formerly IIIA) of the periodic table and often considered to be one of the lanthanoids; a.n. 57; r.a.m. 138.91; r.d. 6.146 (20°C); m.p. 921°C; b.p. 3457°C. Its principal ore is bastnasite, from which it is separated by an ion-exchange process. There are two natural isotopes, lanthanum–139 (stable) and lanthanum–138 (half-life 1010–1015 years). The metal, being pyrophoric, is used in alloys for lighter flints and the oxide is used in some optical glasses. The largest use of lanthanum, however, is as a catalyst in cracking crude oil. Its chemistry resembles that of the lanthanoids. The element was discovered by Carl Mosander (1797–1858) in 1839.

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