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Introduction to the Lherzolites Thematic Issue

Rheological Properties of Partially Molten Lherzolite

Orogenic Lherzolites and Mantle Processes: Editorial

Orogenic Lherzolites and Mantle Processes: Editorial

Shallow Mantle Composition and Dynamics: Fifth International Orogenic Lherzolite Conference Foreword

The Stability of Plagioclase in the Upper Mantle: Subsolidus Experiments on Fertile and Depleted Lherzolite

Garnet Lherzolites from the Kaapvaal Craton (South Africa): Trace Element Evidence for a Metasomatic History

Formation of Plagioclase Lherzolite and Associated Dunite–Harzburgite–Lherzolite Sequences by Multiple Episodes of Melt Percolation and Melt–Rock Reaction: an Example from the Trinity Ophiolite, California, USA

An Experimental Study of Liquid Compositions in Equilibrium with Plagioclase + Spinel Lherzolite at Low Pressures (0·75 GPa)

Continuous Gradations among Primary Carbonatitic, Kimberlitic, Melilititic, Basaltic, Picritic, and Komatiitic Melts in Equilibrium with Garnet Lherzolite at 3–8 GPa

Fractionation of Platinum-group Elements and Gold in the Upper Mantle: a Detailed Study in Pyrenean Orogenic Lherzolites

Origin of Plagioclase Lherzolite from the Nikanbetsu Peridotite Complex, Hokkaido, Northern Japan: Implications for Incipient Melt Migration and Segregation in the Partially Molten Upper Mantle

The temperature dependence of thermal conductivity for lherzolites from the North China Craton and the associated constraints on the thermodynamic thickness of the lithosphere

Partial Melting of Spinel Lherzolite in the System CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2 ± K2O at 1·1 GPa

Melting Behaviour of Model Lherzolite in the System CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2–FeO at 0·7–2·8 GPa

The Effect of Cr2O3 on the Partial Melting of Spinel Lherzolite in the System CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2–Cr2O3 at 1·1 GPa

The Continuum of Primary Carbonatitic–Kimberlitic Melt Compositions in Equilibrium with Lherzolite: Data from the System CaO–MgO–Al2O3–SiO2–CO2 at 6 GPa


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A two-pyroxene- and olivine-bearing, coarse-grained, ultrabasic rock consisting of essential magnesium-rich olivine, chromium-magnesium clinopyroxene (Cr-diopside), magnesium orthopyroxene (enstatite), and garnet or spinel, which is found as xenoliths in basalts and as a component of Alpine ultramafic bodies. A mantle origin for many lherzolites is attested to by their metamorphic (see metamorphism) texture, their high-pressure mineral assemblage, and their ultrabasic composition. Using evidence from experimental petrology, lherzolites are interpreted as examples of undepleted mantle (i.e. mantle which has not undergone partial melting to generate basalt magma). The name is taken from the type locality, at Lherz in the French Pyrenees.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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