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1 Medieval masons' workshop, refectory, tracing-house, and living-quarters erected during the building of a great work. In very large projects, such as a cathedral, it was often a permanent structure, with a resident master-mason, associated with the building and maintainance of the fabric.

2 Place where Freemasons assemble, representing the lost Temple of Solomon and an ideal.

3 Small, usually decorative, building at the gateway to an estate or park, serving as the accommodation and office for a gatekeeper or porter. Such buildings were often in pairs, disposed sym-metrically on either side of the gates.

4 Dwelling in the grounds of a large country-house, usually substantial, granted as a permanent residence for e.g. minor Royalty.

5 Quarters for the porter, as in the entrance to a collegiate establishment or a club.

6 Building in mountainous or wild country, used by e.g., hunting, shooting, or fishing parties.

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Subjects: Architecture.

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