Loma Gubu Protects Nature

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Loma Gubu is lord of the forest. The creator, Loma, created the world, men, and in addition to the Loma spirits, he created other Loma that are his reflections—one of them, Loma Gubu, the Lord of the Forest, plays the most important role in the everyday life of the Bongo. He created the mountains, the rivers, the trees, and the animals of the forest.

Because of the way men destroy the things of nature, Loma Gubu has become hostile to them. It is Loma Gubu who decides if a hunting expedition is successful, and his anger has to be appeased if hunting accidents are to be avoided. The animals that are hunted are this god's property, and his judgment is severe if they are maltreated. Those who deal with animals in a negative way are apt to die prematurely. When a sick person becomes unconscious, it is thought that his soul has been taken to the court of Loma Gubu, where a decision is made as to that person's fate. Animals are witnesses in this court, revealing the actions of the person being tried. If the lord of the forest finds him guilty, the soul does not return to the body but appears at the court of Loma, the creator. If it is determined that the sick person's attitude to animals was humane, the soul returns to the body, and the illness ends. See also: Loma.

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