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It is a long long lane that has no turning commonly used as an assertion that an unfavourable situation will eventually change for the better; proverbial saying, mid 19th century.

long and lazy, little and loud; fat and fulsome, pretty and proud categorizing supposed physical and temperamental characteristics in women; proverbial saying, late 16th century.

long foretold, long last; short notice, soon past proverbial saying, mid 19th century; a weather saying, meaning that if there is a long gap between the signs that the weather will change and the change itself, then the predicted weather will last a long time. If the intervening period is a short one, then the predicted weather will be of correspondingly short duration.

Long John Silver the one-legged pirate who is the anti-hero of Stevenson's Treasure Island (1883).

Long March the epic withdrawal of the Chinese communists from SE to NW China in 1934–5, over a distance of 9,600 km (6,000 miles). 100,000 people, led by Mao Zedong, left the communist rural base (the Jiangxi Soviet) after it was almost destroyed by the Kuomintang; 20,000 people survived the journey to reach Yan'an in Shaanxi province.

Long Parliament the English Parliament which sat from November 1640 to March 1653, was restored for a short time in 1659, and finally voted its own dissolution in 1660. It was summoned by Charles I and sat through the English Civil War and on into the interregnum which followed.

long pig a translation of a term formerly used in some Pacific Islands for human flesh as food.

See also art is long, he lives long who lives well, longest, love me little, love me long at love2, never is a long time, night of the long knives, old sins cast long shadows, short reckonings make long friends.

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