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Launched in July 1969 as the journal of the Survey of Language and Folklore at the University of Sheffield (renamed the Centre for English Cultural Tradition and Language (CECTAL) in 1976), Lore and Language is still published, edited throughout its time by Professor J. D. A. Widdowson. As befits its genesis in the Department of English at a Sheffield, the journal has always had a strong interest in linguistics, as seen in numerous articles on dialect studies and verbal genres such as proverbs, jokes, and riddles. Its volumes thus represent a particularly important contribution in these areas as well as more general folklore topics including custom, narrative, belief. The early volumes were heavily influenced by the Survey ideal, the urgently felt need to collect material which had been previously neglected, and the articles closely mirror the activities of the students and volunteers involved. This must be counted as a major strength, as its pages present a wealth of raw data which would otherwise have remained unavailable to later scholarship, and the collectors also helped to break down the idea that folklore was solely concerned with the past and the rural. This collecting zeal gradually fades after the first volume, to be replaced by more polished pieces, although the Centre's students have continued to contribute a high proportion of the articles.

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