(1752—1824) consort of Charles Edward, Jacobite claimant to the English, Scottish, and Irish thrones

'Louisa' can also refer to...




Louisa Daratsos

Louisa Stevenson (1835—1908) campaigner for women's rights

Louisa Atkinson (1834—1872) writer and naturalist

Louisa Wilkins (1873—1929) agricultural administrator

Louisa Tuthill (1798—1879)

Louisa Twining (1820—1912) philanthropist

Louisa Sharpe (1798—1843) miniature and watercolour painter

Baldwin, Louisa

Lane, Louisa

Mark Louisa

Louisa Murray (1818—1894) writer

Louisa Fontenelle (1769—1799) actress and singer

Louisa Matthiasdottir (1917—2000)

Louisa Macdonald (1858—1949)

Louisa Mark

Louisa Martindale (1872—1966) gynaecologist and suffragist

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