Luchyele: Footprints in the Stones

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Lesa, the deity, visited the earth in the beginning under the name of Luchyele. Luchyele came from the east, arranging the whole country, rivers, hills, anthills, trees, and grass. He came with numbers of people, planting the nations and communities in their respective places, and passed on to the westward. Markings on sand-stone in the Itabwa plain, not far from Chiwala's village and Ndola township, are pointed out as being the footprints of Luchyele and his people as they passed. It is said that the stones then were soft like mud, but that as soon as Luchyele had passed the mud hardened, and the marks have thus been preserved ever since. Luchyele went back to his heaven, high in the sky, but promised his children he would return. When there is thunder and lightning, the Lamba say, “God is scolding us!”

Lesa sent a chameleon from heaven with a message to the earth: “When people die, they will live again.” But the chameleon walked very slowly, and Lesa then sent another messenger, the lizard, saying, “When you die, you die forever.” The quicker lizard reached the people first and cast them into despair with his grim tidings. See also: Chipimpi, Kabunda, Kashindika, Lesa.

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