John Macmillan

(1669—1753) Reformed Presbyterian church minister

'John Macmillan' can also refer to...

John Macmillan Brown (1846—1935)

Macmillan Brown, John

Macmillan, Prof. (John) Duncan

Macmillan, John Kenneth

Brown, John Macmillan

Brown, John Macmillan (1846–1935)

Macmillan, Rt Rev. John Victor

MacMillan, Prof. John, (Jake)

Macmillan, Rt Rev. Mgr John

MacMillan, Lt-Gen. Sir John Richard Alexander

Macmillan, John (1669–1753), Reformed Presbyterian church minister

Crucifixion in the Concert Hall: Secular and Sacred in James Macmillan's Passion of St John

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