John Macmillan

(1669—1753) Reformed Presbyterian church minister

'John Macmillan' can also refer to...

John Macmillan Brown (1846—1935)

Macmillan Brown, John

Brown, John Macmillan (1846–1935)

MACMILLAN, John Victor (1877 - 1956)

Macmillan, John (1669-1753), Reformed Presbyterian church minister

Crucifixion in the Concert Hall: Secular and Sacred in James Macmillan's Passion of St John

STRAKER, Bryan John (1929 - 2007), Area Appeal Manager, Cancer Relief Macmillan Fund, 1993–94

MACMILLAN, John (1899 - 1957), Rector of Ven. English College, Rome, 1939–51

MACMILLAN, Robert Alexander Cameron (1883 - 1917), Minister of St John’s Presbyterian Church, Kensington, since 1913

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MacMILLAN, John Richard Alexander (born 1932), fruit farmer; General Officer Commanding Scotland and Governor of Edinburgh Castle, 1988–91

BROWN, John Macmillan (1846 - 1935), Emeritus Professor, Canterbury University College; Chancellor of the University of New Zealand since 1923

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