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1 A key Yogācāra work by Maitreyanātha in 112 verses which delineates the distinctions and relationship (vibhāga) between the middle view (madya) and extremes (anta). It comprises five chapters: Attributes (lakṣaṇa), Obscurations (āvaraṇa), Reality (tattva), Cultivation of Antidotes (pratipakṣa-bhāvanā), and the Supreme Way (yānānuttarya). As well as Chinese, Tibetan, and Mongolian translations, the text survives in a single Sanskrit manuscript discovered in Tibet by Sāṇkṛtyāyana which also included the commentary (bhāṣya) by Vasubandhu. An important subcommentary (ṭīkā) by Sthiramati also survives in Sanskrit as well as a Tibetan version.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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