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Anatectic Migmatites from the Roof of an Ocean Ridge Magma Chamber

Assimilation of Crustal Xenoliths in a Basaltic Magma Chamber: Sr and Nd Isotopic Constraints from the Hasvik Layered Intrusion, Norway

Boundary Layer Crystallization in a Basaltic Magma Chamber: Evidence from Rishiri Volcano, Northern Japan

Crystallization Sequence and Magma Chamber Processes in the Ferrobasaltic Sept Iles Layered Intrusion, Canada

Depth and Evolution of a Silicic Magma Chamber: Melting Experiments on a Low-K Rhyolite from Usu Volcano, Japan

Enclaves in the Cadillac Mountain Granite (Coastal Maine): Samples of Hybrid Magma from the Base of the Chamber

Evolution of the Magma Chamber beneath Usu Volcano since 1663: a Natural Laboratory for Observing Changing Phenocryst Compositions and Textures

Formation of a Compositionally Reverse Zoned Magma Chamber: Petrology of the ad 1640 and 1694 Eruptions of Hokkaido-Komagatake Volcano, Japan

Hybridization of a Shallow ‘I-type’ Granitoid Pluton and its Host Migmatite by Magma-Chamber Wall Collapse: the Tokuwa Pluton, Central Japan

magma chamber

magma chamber

magma chamber

magma chamber

magma chamber

Multiple Plagioclase Crystal Populations Identified by Crystal Size Distribution and in situ Chemical Data: Implications for Timescales of Magma Chamber Processes Associated with the 1915 Eruption of Lassen Peak, CA

Numerical Modeling of Time-dependent Fluid Dynamics and Differentiation of a Shallow Basaltic Magma Chamber

Open-System Magma Chamber Evolution: an Energy-constrained Geochemical Model Incorporating the Effects of Concurrent Eruption, Recharge, Variable Assimilation and Fractional Crystallization (EC-E′RAχFC)

Petrogenesis of Cogenetic Silica-Oversaturated and -Undersaturated Syenites by Periodic Recharge in a Crustally Contaminated Magma Chamber: the Kangerlussuaq Intrusion, East Greenland

The Piedras Grandes–Soncor Eruptions, Lascar Volcano, Chile; Evolution of a Zoned Magma Chamber in the Central Andean Upper Crust

Quantification of the Intrusive Magma Fluxes during Magma Chamber Growth at Soufrière Hills Volcano (Montserrat, Lesser Antilles)

Rates of Thermal and Chemical Evolution of Magmas in a Cooling Magma Chamber: a Chronological and Theoretical Study on Basaltic and Andesitic Lavas from Rishiri Volcano, Japan

Seismic structure beneath Mt Vesuvius from receiver function analysis and local earthquakes tomography: Evidences for location and geometry of the magma chamber

Spatial Constraints on Magma Chamber Replenishment Events from Textural Observations of Cumulates: the Rum Layered Intrusion, Scotland

Structure and Dynamics of the Laacher See Magma Chamber (Eifel, Germany) from Major and Trace Element Zoning in Sanidine: a Cathodoluminescence and Electron Microprobe Study

Three‐dimensional crustal structure and magma chamber geometry at the intermediate‐spreading, back‐arc Valu Fa Ridge, Lau Basin—results of a wide‐angle seismic tomographic inversion


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A region, postulated to exist below the Earth's surface, in which magma is received from a source region in the deep crust or upper mantle, stored, and from which it moves to the Earth's surface at the site of a volcano. The existence of ‘magma chambers’ is often invoked by geochemists to provide a location for processes such as fractional crystallization, because the chemistry of lavas is explicable only in terms of such processes. When magma moves rapidly from the chamber, as in a pyroclastic flow eruption, the unsupported chamber roof may collapse to produce a caldera at the surface. The diameter of the caldera can be used to estimate the diameter of the underlying magma chamber; diameters of up to 40 km are not uncommon for terrestrial subvolcanic magma chambers.

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