Sadiq al- Mahdi

(b. 1936)

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(b. 1936)

Sudanese theologian and political leader. Great-grandson of the nineteenth-century Sudanese leader Muhammad Ahmad ibn Abd Allah, “the Mahdi”. Head of the Ummah Party and prime minister 1966–67 and 1986–89. Was a leader of the opposition to the National Islamic Front government in the 1990s. Supports a modernist formulation of Islamic law. Defines the Islamic state as one abiding by the general constitutional principles of Islam with a legal system based on shariah. In economics, believes in social responsibility to provide for the poor, mandatory collection of zakah, implementation of traditional inheritance laws, and prohibition of usury. Islamic international relations are to be based on the principles of human brotherhood, supremacy of justice, irreversibility of contracts, and peaceful coexistence.

See also Bashir, Omar Hassan al-

Subjects: Islam.

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