Mangala Sends Man to Earth in an Ark

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Mangala is the creator god.

From God's egg came a pair of twins, including a rebel, Pemba, who left the egg before he should have. He moved through space, carrying with him a part of his placenta, which would become the earth. Pemba then had incestuous relations with the earth, and the earth was thereby impure. His twin, Faro, was destroyed because of Pemba's acts, his body cut into pieces, the pieces then becoming trees on the earth. Mangala, God, then brought Faro back to life, made a human of him, and sent him to earth with the original ancestors and the first animals and plants in an ark fashioned of the placenta. The ark landed on a mountain. One of the passengers on the ark was a blacksmith; he brought his hammer down on a rock, and rain came. Faro then created the world out of the seeds of the original egg, and the first people planted the earth in turn with their seeds. Faro continued the primal struggle with Pemba, his brother. See also: Faro, Pemba.

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