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One of the great mythical or celestial Bodhisattvas in Mahāyāna Buddhism.also known by the fuller name of Mañjuśrī-kumāra-bhūta. He is first mentioned in some of the early Mahāyāna texts such as the Prajñā-pāramitā Sūtras and through this connection soon came to symbolize the embodiment of insight (prajñā). He later figures widely in many texts associated with tantric Buddhism such as the important Mañjuśrī-mūla-kalpa. Iconographically, he is depicted in a peaceful form holding a raised sword—symbolizing the power of insight—in his right hand and a book of the Prajñā-pāramitā Sūtra in his left. According to the tantras, he has a wrathful aspect, known as Yamāntaka.

Fig 12. Mañjuśrī.

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