Maori Allows the First Man to Go to Earth

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Maori is the creator god.

In the beginning, Maori created the first man, Mwuetsi, the moon. Initially, he installed Mwuetsi in the depths of the sea, giving him a horn filled with oil. When Mwuetsi told God that he wished to live on earth, Maori allowed him to do so, but warned him that death would be the result. When he moved to the earth, Mwuetsi found nothing, and he complained. Maori sent him a woman, Massassi, the morning star. God gave her fire, and told Mwuetsi that she would remain with him for two years. They went into a cave, and Massassi made fire with implements given to her by Maori. Mwuetsi, uncertain as to why God had sent him the woman, touched the oil with his finger, then touched Massassi with that finger. The next morning, Massassi was pregnant, and gave birth to plants and trees that covered the earth. The two were happy, building their home, trapping, and growing food. When two years had passed, Maori took Massassi away. For eight years, Mwuetsi mourned, as Maori reminded him of how he had warned him about moving to the earth. Now God sent another woman, Morongo, the evening star, and said she could stay two years. Mwuetsi touched Morongo with his oiled finger, but she said that he must have intercourse with her. This Mwuetsi did, and Morongo gave birth to the animals of creation. Later, she gave birth to human boys and girls, who grew quickly. Maori sent a storm, warning Mwuetsi that death would be the result of all of this activity. Morongo had Mwuetsi build a door so Maori could not see what they were doing, and they continued to sleep together against God's command. Then Morongo gave birth to dangerous animals—lions, leopards, scorpions, snakes. Under Morongo's guidance, Mwuetsi had relations with his daughters, and they bore children, becoming the mothers of the people. Mwuetsi became the mambo, the leader, of his people. One night Morongo coupled with a snake, and when Mwuetsi later wished to sleep with her she was reluctant. Mwuetsi insisted, and in the night his wife's snake-lover bit him and he became ill: rivers and the fruits of the earth dried up, animals and people died. The people learned that only if Mwuetsi was sent back to the depths of the sea would things improve, so his children killed and buried him, along with Morongo. Death had come, as Maori had said it would. But Mwuetsi, the moon, rises from the sea each day, pursuing Massassi, the morning star, across the sky.

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