matrix metallopeptidases

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A family of enzymes (MMPs, matrix metalloproteinases) that degrade collagen, elastin, and other components of the extracellular matrix. The Merops database lists 22 examples, including collagenase 1 (MMP1), gelatinase A (MMP2), stromelysin 1 (MMP3, EC, stromelysin-2 (MMP-10, EC, stromelysin-3 (MMP-11, EC 3.4.24.-), matrilysin (MMP7), neutrophil collagenase (MMP8), and epilysin (MMP28). Inhibitors are potentially beneficial in arthritis and as blockers of metastasis, although this is unproven. See tissue inhibitors of metallopeptidases (TIMPs).

Subjects: Medicine and Health.

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