Mbomba Ianda Creates the First Humans

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Mbomba Ianda, the supreme being, the creator, made the earth. He also made the fire, and, because he was lonely, he caused another being to grow out of the fire. They had children, two children born as one. Mbomba Ianda parted them, and they went in opposite directions. When two other children were born, they went in the other two directions. Because these spirits were lonely, they returned to their father and asked for other beings. He created others; they grew, flew, asking for places to live. God, Mbomba Ianda, was the good spirit, on the right; the spirit on the other side was evil.

Mbombe, the first female created by Mbomba Ianda, and her husband, Ilele, went into the forest to hunt porcupines. She became pregnant, and ate only a certain kind of fruit, nsabu fruit. Ilele followed birds to Nsabusabu to get the fruit, struggling with those who guarded the tree, having to escape from the nets that snared him. He was caught and presumed dead by Mbombe. Then Nsongo, a girl, was born. An earlier child, a male, was Jibanza (Lianja). She then had another son, Boilenge; he quested after his father, battling with the Nsabusabu people. When he captured the king of the Nsabusabu, Nsongo married him. The brothers, Nsongo and her husband, and the soldiers journeyed, and met a man who was playing a stringed instrument. He challenged Jibanza, who, when he arrived, transformed himself into a child, telling the man that he wanted to play his instrument. When Jibanza claimed it as his own, the man recognized him. Jibanza, calling himself a king, became a man again, and led his soldiers. They traveled on, seeking enemies, conquering them. Then another Jibanza, Jibanza Jolombongo, who also had a sister named Nsongo, came along, and he defeated the first Jibanza, Jibanza Bolekunge. He lunged at Jibanza Bolekunge with a knife, and that Jibanza Bolekunge disappeared in a flash of fire. Jibanza Jolombongo pronounced him dead, but there was no grave. It rained, and they sent the first Nsongo into the rain to get water. When she went into the rain and filled a gourd, Jibanza Bolekunge appeared, telling her to break the gourd. She feared they would beat her, so Bolekunge took it and broke it. When she returned and told them the gourd was broken, Nsongo, the sister of Jolombongo, was angry, but when she raised her hand to strike Nsongo, her arm was paralyzed in the air. She asked for help, but the same thing happened to all who raised their arms. When they called Jolombongo, he raised his arm with a whip, and Bolekunge grabbed his arm and held it there. They wrestled, and Bolekunge threw Jolombongo to the earth. His sister brought him a knife, and he cut off the head of Jolombongo. Then Bolekunge and the two Nsongos and the soldiers moved on, singing. They came to Mbomba Ianda. Jibanza asked for the sun, and Mbomba Ianda sent a fly to get the sun for Jibanza. The fly failed, so a wasp was sent. It failed, and a hawk was sent. Mbomba Ianda gave the hawk a gift to present to Elima, the god of heaven. The hawk asked for the sun, Elima gave it a clock. The hawk returned to earth, gave the clock to Jibanza, and Jibanza shared it with his sister. Jibanza announced that he was now king. As they moved on their journey, Jibanza left people behind at various places to start communities of their own, telling each the name of his nation. He then crossed the ocean, leaving people on every continent, and when he died another king was chosen in his place. That was the beginning of the people of the world. See also: Lianja.


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