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Son of Alcmaeon, of the family of the Alcmaeonids at Athens. He was the successful suitor of Agaristē, daughter of Cleisthenes (1), tyrant of Sicyon (perhaps 575 bc). Later he appears as factional leader of the Paralioi (‘Shoremen’), in opposition to the Pedieis (‘Plainsmen’) led by Lycurgus, and the Hyperakrioi (‘Uplanders’) led by Pisistratus. Paralioi perhaps refers to the SE promontory of Attica where Alcmaeonid estates may have lain. When Pisistratus first seized power (c.560), Megacles joined with Lycurgus to expel him, but then helped him to a second period of tyranny on condition that Pisistratus married his daughter. This led to a further quarrel, and Pisistratus again retired before a combination of the other two factions (c.556). Nothing further is recorded of Megacles. He was father of Cleisthenes (2) and of Hippocrates, father‐in‐law of Xanthippus, and grandfather of Pericles.

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