melanoma differentiation associated genes

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A miscellaneous set of genes associated with melanoma cells, their products being melanoma-associated antigens. Mda-5 is a cytoplasmic RNA-helicase that, like RIG-I serves as a receptor for dsRNA and plays a part in antiviral responses. The expression of Mda-7 (IL-24; 206 aa) is up-regulated in terminally differentiated melanoma cells and will suppress cell proliferation. Mda-9/syntenin (syndecan-binding protein) interacts with c-*src and promotes metastasis. Other differentiation antigens include gp100/PMel17, MART-1/MelanA (an antigen that is recognized by a high proportion of cytolytic T-cells), tyrosinase, and a large set of melanoma associated antigens coded by genes of the MAGE family which are recognized by autologous cytolytic T cells.

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