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A map of the environment within an individual's mind that reflects the knowledge and prejudices of that individual. A mental map indicates the way an individual acquires, classifies, stores, retrieves, and decodes information about locations. Ojanen and Vuohula (2007) J. Common Mkt Studs 45 describe Finland as lacking a prominent presence on the mental map of other EU governments. Walker (2000) Int. Affairs 76, 3 notes that the overall American mental map of Europe is becoming clearer: it includes Turkey, and ‘may include Ukraine and even Russia’. Sbragia (2007) Politics 27, 1 describes the EU as a complete puzzle for most Americans. It is not a major actor in international relations, is not represented in the UN, and yet can force Microsoft and other iconic American corporations to change their behaviour if they want access to the European market. ‘The American mental map does not have a place for such an entity.’

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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