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Painter and sculptor, of Athens. His painting was closely connected with that of his contemporary Polygnotus. He painted in the Theseum (soon after 475 bc) Theseus and Minos; probably also an Amazonomachy and Centauromachy (see amazons; centaurs). In the Stoa Poecile he is variously credited with Marathon and the Amazonomachy. The Amazonomachy and Centauromachy are reflected on vases: one Amazon is named Peisianassa, perhaps after Peisianax, who built the stoa. In the Anakeion (temple of Dioscuri; see athens, topography) were his Argonauts. He painted the Peliads the daughters of Pelias; he also painted Boutēs, brother of Erechtheus, so that only head and eye appeared above a hill; analogies can be found on contemporary vases. He made a statue in Olympia of Callias, victor in 472. See painting, greek.

Subjects: Classical Studies.

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