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Inflammatory responses increase secretion of MD-1 protein

An Apple Protein Kinase MdSnRK1.1 Interacts with MdCAIP1 to Regulate ABA Sensitivity

MdSnRK1.1 interacts with MdJAZ18 to regulate sucrose-induced anthocyanin and proanthocyanidin accumulation in apple

Apple RING E3 ligase MdMIEL1 inhibits anthocyanin accumulation by ubiquitinating and degrading MdMYB1 protein

Apple Fruit Copper Amine Oxidase Isoforms: Peroxisomal MdAO1 Prefers Diamines as Substrates, Whereas Extracellular MdAO2 Exclusively Utilizes Monoamines

MdHB1 down-regulation activates anthocyanin biosynthesis in the white-fleshed apple cultivar ‘Granny Smith’

A novel gene, MdSSK1, as a component of the SCF complex rather than MdSBP1 can mediate the ubiquitination of S-RNase in apple

Two Coupled Components of the Mitogen-Activated Protein Kinase Cascade MdMPK1 and MdMKK1 from Apple Function in ABA Signal Transduction

The RP105/MD-1 complex is indispensable for TLR4/MD-2-dependent proliferation and IgM-secreting plasma cell differentiation of marginal zone B cells

Constitution of the Republic of Moldova: July 29, 1994 (as Amended to July 25, 2003) (Moldova [md]) Monitorul Oficial No 1, 12 August 1994

Effect of acidic pH on the ability of Clostridium sporogenes MD1 to take up and retain intracellular potassium

Involvement of the LPS-LPB-CD14-MD2-TLR4 inflammation pathway in HIV-1/HAART-associated lipodystrophy syndrome (HALS)

A Tribute to the Life of Richard K. Root, MD: 1 December 1937–19 March 2006

Tonic B cell activation by Radioprotective105/MD-1 promotes disease progression in MRL/lpr mice

Association of SIGNR1 with TLR4–MD-2 enhances signal transduction by recognition of LPS in gram-negative bacteria

Skaggs, R. (2004). Music: Keynote of the human spirit. Baltimore, MD: PublishAmerica. 189 pages, ISBN 1-4137-4601-2. $19.95

The MdTFL1 gene of apple (Malus × domestica Borkh.) reduces vegetative growth and generation time

United States v Williams, Decision on motion to dismiss the indictment, 722 F Supp 2d 1313 (MD Ga 2010), ILDC 2005 (US 2010), 1st July 2010, United States; Georgia; District Court for the Middle District of Georgia [MD Ga]


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Was a British department formed in early 1939 to develop special weapons. Though there was no such ministry during the war, there was a minister of defence—Churchill—and MD1, which was ...

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