molecular fossil

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molecular fossil

molecular fossil

Peeling the Onion: Ribosomes Are Ancient Molecular Fossils

Combining Phylogenomics and Fossils in Higher-Level Squamate Reptile Phylogeny: Molecular Data Change the Placement of Fossil Taxa

A New Permian Gnetalean Cone as Fossil Evidence for Supporting Current Molecular Phylogeny

Calibration and Error in Placental Molecular Clocks: A Conservative Approach Using the Cetartiodactyl Fossil Record

Assembling the modern Great Basin mammal biota: insights from molecular biogeography and the fossil record

Methods for the Quantitative Comparison of Molecular Estimates of Clade Age and the Fossil Record

A Dated Phylogeny of Marsupials Using a Molecular Supermatrix and Multiple Fossil Constraints

The Impact of Fossils and Taxon Sampling on Ancient Molecular Dating Analyses

Fossil Calibration of Molecular Divergence Infers a Moderate Mutation Rate and Recent Radiations for Pinus

Fossil Calibration of Molecular Divergence Infers a Moderate Mutation Rate and Recent Radiations for Pinus

Heritability of Extinction Rates Links Diversification Patterns in Molecular Phylogenies and Fossils

A Likelihood Method for Assessing Molecular Divergence Time Estimates and the Placement of Fossil Calibrations

When Can Decreasing Diversification Rates Be Detected with Molecular Phylogenies and the Fossil Record?

Integrating Fossil Preservation Biases in the Selection of Calibrations for Molecular Divergence Time Estimation

Paleontology, Genomics, and Combined-Data Phylogenetics: Can Molecular Data Improve Phylogeny Estimation for Fossil Taxa?

Phylogeny of Extant and Fossil Juglandaceae Inferred from the Integration of Molecular and Morphological Data Sets

Assessing Calibration Uncertainty in Molecular Dating: The Assignment of Fossils to Alternative Calibration Points


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A substance found in geological deposits that is indicative of a particular species or group of organisms that lived when the deposits were formed. Such a substance should ideally be uniquely associated with the organisms in question and either resist chemical breakdown over geological time or decay into products that are unambiguous and predictable. Examples include the isoprene residues indicative of ancient archaeans, and oleanane, a defence chemical found only in flowering plants.

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