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Monazite–Xenotime–Garnet Equilibrium in Metapelites and a New Monazite–Garnet Thermometer

The legacy of monazite processing in Brazil

Thoron progeny size distribution in monazite storage facility

Assessing Inheritance of Zircon and Monazite in Granitic Rocks from the Monashee Complex, Canadian Cordillera

Studies on the Equilibrium of 220Rn (Thoron) and its Daughters in the Atmosphere of a Monazite Plant and its Environs

Methodology for Mixed Field Inhalation Dosimetry in Monazite Areas using a Twin-Cup Dosemeter with Three Track Detectors

Zoned Monazite and Zircon as Monitors for the Thermal History of Granulite Terranes: an Example from the Central Indian Tectonic Zone

Monazite Dating of Prograde and Retrograde P–T–d paths in the Barrovian terrane of the Thaya window, Bohemian Massif

Temperature and Bulk Composition Control on the Growth of Monazite and Zircon During Low-pressure Anatexis (Mount Stafford, Central Australia)

Monazite–Xenotime Thermochronometry and Al2SiO5 Reaction Textures in the Picuris Range, Northern New Mexico, USA: New Evidence for a 1450–1400 Ma Orogenic Event

Tectonothermal Evolution of the Middle Crust in the Trans-Hudson Orogen, Baffin Island, Canada: Evidence from Petrology and Monazite Geochronology of Sillimanite-bearing Migmatites

Petrology and in situ U–Th–Pb Monazite Geochronology of Ultrahigh-Temperature Metamorphism from the Andriamena Mafic Unit, North–Central Madagascar. Significance of a Petrographical P–T Path in a Polymetamorphic Context


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Mineral (Ce,La,Y,Th)PO4; sp. gr. 4.9–5.4; hardness 5.0–5.5; monoclinic; clove-brown to reddish-brown to orange and green; off-white streak; resinous to waxy lustre; crystals small, short, prismatic to tabular grains, with larger crystals showing striated faces; cleavage imperfect basal {001}; found extensively as an accessory mineral in granites and pegmatites, in gneisses and carbonatites, and concentrated in alluvial sands and placers. It is used as a source of cerium, thorium, and other rare-earth metals and compounds.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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