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More people know Tom Fool than Tom Fool knows proverbial saying, mid 17th century. Tom Fool was a name given to the part of the fool in a play or morris dance, and the earliest recorded version of this proverb is ‘more know the Clown, than the Clown knows’ (S. Holland, Wit and Fancy, 1655).

the more the merrier often used in agreement or encouragement; proverbial saying, late 14th century.

the more you get, the more you want proverbial saying, mid 14th century; an earlier version is found in Horace's Epistles, ‘quanto plura parasti, tanto plura cupis [you want as much again as you already have]’. (Compare appetite comes with eating, much would have more.)

See also more haste, less speed, the more laws, the more thieves, less is more, much would have more, there are more ways of killing a cat.

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