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1 The difference between the two-way travel times of reflected energy detected at two geophone offset distances.

2(normal moveout, NMO, ΔT) At an offset distance x, the difference in two-way travel time between the detected reflection event at x (tx) and at zero offset (to), such that ΔT = tx - to ≈ x2/(2V2to), where V is the seismic velocity of the medium above the reflector.

3(dip moveout, DMO, ΔTd) In the case of a planar dipping reflector, the difference between the moveout updip and downdip, proportional to the angle of dip θ, such that: ΔTd = 2xsin θ/V, where x is the offset distance from the mid-point.

Subjects: Earth Sciences and Geography.

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