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1Acronym for Moving Picture Experts Group, the committee — a joint CCITT and ISO/IEC group — that works on the storage and transmission of moving images, especially video images, and developed the ISO 11172 standard (see below).

2 The ISO/IEC 11172 standard, Compression of Moving Images with Audio and Timing Data. It is designed to reduce the amount of information needed to describe a video sequence, so reducing either the bandwidth required to transmit the sequence or the amount of memory needed to store it. The MPEG-1 standard is for digital storage media such as CD-ROM; the MPEG-2 standard is for high-quality video transmission such as digital broadcasting.

The MPEG video-compression algorithm relies on two basic techniques: block-based motion compensation for the reduction of temporal redundancy (effectively recognizing the similarity between adjacent frames in the video) and DCT (discrete cosine transform) compression for the reduction of spatial redundancy (see JPEG).

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