Mwari Drops Man from the Sky

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Mwari is the supreme being, the giver of rain (he is also known as Dzivaguru, the Great Pool) and therefore the controller of fertility. He is both male and female, god of darkness and of light, god of the skies and of the earth.

He is the creator, and is always present in what he has created. It was in the heavens that he created Musikavanhu. He caused him to sleep, then allowed him to fall from the sky. As he was falling, Musikavanhu awakened, and, looking about him, saw a stone that was also dropping from the sky. Both were moving rapidly. Mwari then spoke to Musikavanhu, instructing him to point at the stone with his finger. This Musikavanhu did, and as he did so the stone, moving at great speed, stopped. Then Musikavanhu moved to the stone, and as he did so, the stone became larger and larger, immense. Musikavanhu plummeted towards the stone, and then his speed lessened, and he moved quietly to the surface of the stone. When his feet touched it, the part that he touched became soft and water emerged. This place became known as the stone of the pool, called Matopos today, and held in sacred awe. Musikavanhu moved about on the surface of the stone, and at night he sat down near the place where Mwari had spoken to him, and he fell asleep. He had a dream: birds soared through the air, animals leapt about. When Musikavanhu awakened, what he had dreamed was reality: birds in the air, animals on the surface. Mwari then instructed Musikavanhu about what he could and could not eat: he could eat fruits and vegetables, but he must not touch the animals. And animals, too, did not eat each other. Again, Musikavanhu slept, and as he did so a snake moved over his body: he awakened, felt strange, had difficulty breathing, and his penis was to him like a snake. A voice came to him and told him to go to the pool. As he went, he encountered a beautiful woman: she was sitting near the pool, on a stone. They looked alike, but she was unable to move. The voice again came to Musikavanhu, telling him to touch her. When he did so, she came to life; then the snake moved across her body, and she felt what Musikavanhu had felt. The voice told him how he must behave, and how he must honor Mwari. And when he had completed the work set for him by God, he would return to heaven. Before he went to heaven, he in his turn instructed his children to obey the laws of God.

Humans now lived in peace on this earth that Mwari had created. But it happened that Musikavanhu's children, drunk, were overcome by pride, insisting that God was dead, that one of them would become God. The voice of Mwari warned them, but they were proud. God's anger deepened, he cursed the earth: sea water became salty, the land dried up, thorns appeared. Rivers overwhelmed people during the rainy season, and crocodiles emerged. The sun became hot, animals ate one another and assaulted humans. And men started to kill each other.


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