An Na

(b. 1972)

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'An Na' can also refer to...

Na, An

Abdullahi A. An?Na'im

An improved Na+‐selective microelectrode for intracellular measurements in plant cells

Alkali grass resists salt stress through high [K+] and an endodermis barrier to Na+

Islam and the Secular State. By Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na'im

Na+/H+ exchange inhibition in hypertrophied myocardium subjected to cardioplegic arrest: an effective cardioprotective approach

The Na–H exchanger revisited: an update on Na–H exchange regulation and the role of the exchanger in hypertension and cardiac function in health and disease

NaSt1: a Wolf-Rayet star cloaked by an η Car-like nebula?

Isolation and characterization of an amiloride-resistant mutant of Methanothermobacter thermautotrophicus possessing a defective Na+/H+ antiport

Erratum to “Construction and characterization of an NaCl-sensitive mutant of Halomonas elongata impaired in ectoine biosynthesis”

Construction and characterization of an NaCl-sensitive mutant of Halomonas elongata impaired in ectoine biosynthesis

The presence of conspecific decoys enhances the attractiveness of an NaCl resource to the yellow-spined locust, Ceracris kiangsu

A SOS3 homologue maps to HvNax4, a barley locus controlling an environmentally sensitive Na+ exclusion trait

Efficient leaf ion partitioning, an overriding condition for abscisic acid‐controlled stomatal and leaf growth responses to NaCl salinization in two legumes

Biophysical characterization of the C-terminal region of FliG, an essential rotor component of the Na+-driven flagellar motor

An Early Christian Church in the Tropics: Excavation of the N.ª S.ª da Conceição, Cidade Velha, Cape Verde

The Cotton GhNHX1 Gene Encoding a Novel Putative Tonoplast Na+/H+ Antiporter Plays an Important Role in Salt Stress

Effect of Na+ on Ca2+-Binding on the Plasma Membrane of Barley Mesophyll Cells: an Electrophoretic Study

Mice with an NaV1.4 sodium channel null allele have latent myasthenia, without susceptibility to periodic paralysis


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(1972–), Korean-born American recognized as an important voice reflecting the contemporary Korean immigrant experience. Na moved to San Diego, California, as a child, and received an MFA in writing for ...

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