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One of the greatest Buddhist monastic universities in India.located between Pāṭaliputra andRājagṛha in present-day Bihar. It is believed to have been founded by King Śakrāditya of Magadha in the 2nd century ce and went on to receive continued royal support from the Gupta andPāla dynasties. Its enormous size and the quality of its resident teachers attracted students and other visitors from all over the Buddhist world, including the notable Chinese pilgrim monks Hsüan-tsang and I-ching in the 7th century ce who both describe it in their travelogues. Ties were also formed with the nascent Buddhist movement in Tibet.resulting in a number of leading Tibetan monks visiting Nālandā and reciprocal visits to Tibet by Indian Buddhist masters. Nālandā was destroyed in one of the greatest acts of cultural vandalism by Muslim invaders in the 12th century ce—the great library is said to have smouldered for six months afterwards. The site was fully excavated in the 20th century and now attracts many visitors.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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