!Nariba Creates the Sun

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(|Gwikwe/Botswana, Namibia)

!Nariba is the creator of all things on earth and the stars.

He took fire and burned the edges of a bird's wings, then tied the wings on a tree. One wing was tied to a piece of wood with a string. On the other end of the stick, he tied a coal, also with a string. He took the whole thing and tossed it up with a stick. As it fell, he caught it with a stick and tossed it again, hoping to throw it so far it would not fall again. A third time he tossed it and it remained in space: it is the sun, cutting the night, making the day and the night. !Nariba had created light. In the light, he went hunting, crawling on his kness, stalking an eland. But the sun heated the earth so much that he burned his knees when crawling, and he was moaning in pain. Then a !kxare tree, the first tree, sprang from the ground. He went and stood in its shade. While he was resting in the shade, other trees sprang up—all the other trees. See also: Pishiboro.

Subjects: Religion.

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