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Night brings counsel proverbial saying, late 16th century, sometimes used as a warning against taking a hasty action or decision. The same idea is found in the writings of the Greek comic dramatist Menander (342–c. 292bc), ‘at night comes counsel to the wise’, and in the Latin tag, ‘in nocte consilium [in night is counsel].’

Night Journey in Muslim tradition, the journey through the air made by Muhammad, guided by the archangel Gabriel. They flew first to Jerusalem, where Muhammad prayed with earlier prophets including Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, before entering the presence of Allah in heaven.

night of the long knives a treacherous massacre or betrayal, especially the massacre of the Brownshirts on Hitler's orders in June 1934. Traditionally, the phrase is used to refer to the (legendary) massacre of the Britons by Hengist in 472, described by Geoffrey of Monmouth in his Historia Regum Britanniae.The term has also been used to describe Harold Macmillan's dismissal of seven of his Cabinet on 13 July 1962.

See also it was a dark and stormy night, ships that pass in the night at ship, things that go bump in the night, the watches of the night.

Subjects: Medieval and Renaissance History (500 to 1500).

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