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(Pāli, attainment of cessation).

Ninth level of trance which was added to the scheme of the eight trances (dhyāna). In this ninth stage, all mental activity is suspended and bodily functions are greatly attenuated. The subject remains in a state of suspended animation in which it is difficult to detect any vital signs. In due course the meditator emerges spontaneously from this condition. Stories are told of monks who remained in this state while there was great tumult around them, even to the extent of being absorbed in trance in the middle of a village that was on fire. The state is also known as ‘the cessation of ideation and feeling’ (Pāli, saññā-vedayita-nirodha). See also pratisaṃkhyā-nirodha; apratisaṃkhyā-nirodha.

Subjects: Buddhism.

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