John Norwich

(c. 1299—1362) baron and soldier

'John Norwich' can also refer to...

Norwich, John, first Lord Norwich (c. 1299–1362), baron and soldier

Pelham, John Thomas (1811–1894), bishop of Norwich

Parkhurst, John (1511?–1575), bishop of Norwich

Jegon, John (1550–1618), bishop of Norwich

Sheepshanks, John (1834–1912), bishop of Norwich

Hopton, John (d. 1558), Dominican friar and bishop of Norwich

Leng, John (1665–1727), Latin scholar and bishop of Norwich

Gray, John de (d. 1214), administrator and bishop of Norwich

Wakering, John (d. 1425), administrator and bishop of Norwich

Hassall, John (bap. 1571, d. 1654), dean of Norwich

Keninghale, John (d. 1451), theologian, prior of Norwich, and diplomat

Salmon, John (d. 1325), administrator and bishop of Norwich

Oxford, John of (d. 1200), administrator and bishop of Norwich

Overall, John (bap. 1561, d. 1619), bishop of Norwich

66 From Susan Spooner in Norwich to [John] Goodale in Braintree, 21 June 1833

More, John [called the Apostle of Norwich] (c. 1542–1592), Church of England clergyman

The Register of John Morton, Archbishop of Canterbury, 1486–1500. Vol. III: Norwich ‘sede vacante’, 1499, Christopher Harper-Bill

The Nile in Darkness: A flawed unity 1863–1899, by John O. Udal. Norwich: Michael Russell, 2005. xiv + 685 pp. £55 (hardback). ISBN 0-859-55291-8 (hardback).

Soldiers, Airmen, Spies and Whisperers: The Gold Coast in World War Two, by Nancy Ellen Lawler. Athens, OH: Ohio University Press, 2002. xxiii + 286 pp. $49.50 hardback. ISBN 0-8214-1430-5 (hardback).
 War Bush: 81 (West African) Division in Burma 1943–1945, by John A. L. Hamilton. Norwich: Michael Russell (Publishing) Ltd, 2001. 400 pp. £25.00 hardback. ISBN 0-85955-267-5 (hardback).

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