Francis Nowers

(c. 1590—1665) heraldic painter

'Francis Nowers' can also refer to...

Nowers [Nower, Noer], Francis (d. 1670), heraldic painter

NOWER, Francis (died 1670), Painter

HOLLIS, (Roger Francis) Crispian (born 1936), Bishop of Portsmouth, (RC), 1988–2012, now Emeritus

KNIGHT, Alexander Francis (born 1939), Dean of Lincoln, 1998–2006, now Emeritus

HUTCHINS, George Francis (1909 - 1977), Archdeacon of Cheltenham, 1965–76, now Archdeacon Emeritus

REYNOLDS, Francis Martin Baillie (born 1932), Professor of Law, University of Oxford, 1992–2000, now Emeritus; Fellow of Worcester College, Oxford, 1960–2000, now Emeritus

Apocalypse Now Redux. Produced by Kim Aubry; directed by Francis Ford Coppola; screenplay by John Milius and Francis Ford Coppola. 2001; color; 197 minutes. Distributed by United Artists

FRANCIS, (Frederick) Arthur (Stratton) (born 1944), Professor of Management and Dean, Bradford University School of Management, 1998–2010, now Emeritus Professor

CLOSE, Francis Edwin (born 1945), Professor of Theoretical Physics, University of Oxford, 2001–10, now Emeritus; Fellow, Exeter College, Oxford, since 2001

TODD, John Francis James (born 1937), Professor of Mass Spectroscopy, University of Kent at Canterbury, 1991–2000, now Emeritus

MARK, Alan (Francis) (born 1932), Professor of Botany, University of Otago, 1975–98, now Emeritus Professor

WALMSLEY, Francis Joseph (born 1926), Roman Catholic Bishop of the Forces, 1979–2002, now Bishop Emeritus

CREED, Francis Hunter (born 1947), Professor of Psychological Medicine, University of Manchester, 1997–2012, now Emeritus

HEALEY, John Francis (born 1948), Professor of Semitic Studies, University of Manchester, 1997–2013, now Emeritus

DAVIES, (Francis Maurice) Russell (1871 - 1956), QC 1930; now working under a general licence from Bishop of Chichester

OLIVER, Francis Wall (1864 - 1951), lately Professor of Botany, Egyptian University, Cairo; Quain Professor of Botany, University College, London, 1888–1929, now Emeritus Professor

O’GRADY, Francis William (born 1925), Foundation Professor of Microbiology, University of Nottingham, 1974–88, now Emeritus

AYLWARD, Francis (1911 - 1978), Professor and Head of Department of Food Science, University of Reading, 1968–76, now Emeritus

HYDE, Francis Edwin (1908 - 1978), Chaddock Professor of Economic History, University of Liverpool, 1970–75, now Emeritus (Chaddock Professor of Economics, 1948–70)

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