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Nebulized nitric oxide/nucleophile adduct reduces chronic pulmonary hypertension

Novel Nucleophiles Enhance the Human Serum Paraoxonase 1 (PON1)-mediated Detoxication of Organophosphates

Conserved Thermochemistry of Guanosine Nucleophile Binding for Structurally Distinct Group I Ribozymes

Reactivity Profiling: Covalent Modification of Single Nucleophile Peptides for Skin Sensitization Risk Assessment

Impaired coordination of nucleophile and increased hydrophobicity in the +1 subsite shift levansucrase activity towards transfructosylation

Homology modeling and identification of serine 160 as nucleophile of the active site in a thermostable carboxylesterase from the archaeon Archaeoglobus fulgidus

The effect of pH and nucleophiles on complement activation by human proximal tubular epithelial cells

Reaction of 4′,5′-epoxynucleosides with carbon nucleophiles: Stereoselective synthesis of 4′-C-carbon-substituted nucleosides

Galactosyl Transfer Catalyzed by Thermostable β-Glycosidases from Sulfolobus solfataricus and Pyrococcus furiosus: Kinetic Studies of the Reactions of Galactosylated Enzyme Intermediates with a Range of Nucleophiles

Lysosomal glycosylasparaginase: a member of a family of amidases that employ a processed N-terminal threonine, serine or cysteine as a combined base-nucleophile catalyst

Inversion of the roles of the nucleophile and acid/base catalysts in the covalent binding of epoxyalkyl xyloside inhibitor to the catalytic glutamates of endo-1,4-β-xylanase (XYNII): a molecular dynamics study


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An ion or molecule that can donate electrons. Nucleophiles are often oxidizing agents and Lewis bases. They are either negative ions (e.g. Cl ) or molecules that have electron pairs (e.g. NH3). In organic reactions they tend to attack positively charged parts of a molecule. Compare electrophile.

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