Nun and the Rope to Earth

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(Mondari, Mandari/Sudan)

Nun is a creator and protector spirit. The cosmos and the world are the work of the creator. The ancestral spirits, Nutu Ko Kak, visit the people from time to time and receive offerings of food.

The earth and sky were originally joined by a perpendicular rope, allowing the creator and men to pass at will from the one to the other. In this primordial universe, the lower part, the earth, lacked natural and social diversity. The rope was eventually severed after the sin of fratricide was committed, and earth and the parts separated. The celestial realm was now largely inaccessible. When sky and earth were joined, there was direct communication; the ancestors came down the rope. Once it was apart, communication ceased, although kinship remained. This separation introduced death. At the time of this separation, the creator remained above together with a proportion of the people who were caught up there. Death allowed one to be reunited with the creator and the kin who had been separated when the rope was severed.

Logobong is the archetypal man, the person who fathered the races. As creator and as another name for Nun, he symbolizes the spirituality of the procreative act, and is present when a man goes into his house with his wife. Logobong reunites the creator and man, who were early divided.

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