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1 An extension to each side of the crosstrees of a sailing vessel to spread the backstays, in a schooner the topmast backstays, and in a square-rigged ship the topgallant and royal backstays.

2 A type of Pacific or Indian Ocean canoe or proa where a counterpoising piece of wood, usually shorter than the vessel's hull, is rigged out from the vessel's side to provide stability when sailing.

3 The projecting beams rigged on the sides of sailing men-of-war to which additional shrouds were led for extra support of the masts when the ship was careened. A great strain was exerted on the mast during careening as the ship was hauled down onto its side by tackles secured to the mastheads, hence the need for extra support by additional, temporary, shrouds.

Subjects: Warfare and Defence — Maritime History.

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