oxides of nitrogen

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oxides of nitrogen

oxides of nitrogen

oxides of nitrogen

Evaluation of nitrogen dioxide scavengers during delivery of inhaled nitric oxide.

Stimulation of thaumarchaeal ammonia oxidation by ammonia derived from organic nitrogen but not added inorganic nitrogen

Oxidative depolymerization of polysaccharides by reactive oxygen/nitrogen species

Nitric oxide: a multifaceted regulator of the nitrogen-fixing symbiosis

Preparation and enzymatic recognition of guanine lesions induced by nitrogen oxides

Kinetics of methaemoglobin and serum nitrogen oxide production during inhalation of nitric oxide in volunteers.

Nitrogen as a regulatory factor of methane oxidation in soils and sediments

Structure and bonding in oxides and oxoacids of carbon, sulfur, nitrogen, phosphorus, and chlorine

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The anaerobic oxidation of hydrazine: a novel reaction in microbial nitrogen metabolism

Formation of nitrogen dioxide from nitric oxide and their measurement in clinically relevant circumstances.

Extraction of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide from an oxygen carrier using molecular sieve 5A.

Extraction of nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide using molecular sieve 5A.

Gaseous Nitrogen Oxides Stimulate Cell Cycle Progression by Rubidium Phosphorylation via Activation of Cyclins/Cdks

Effect of nitrogen oxides on expression of the nir and nor genes for denitrification in Pseudomonas aeruginosa

Effect of an Imidazolineoxyl Nitric Oxide on Prostaglandin Synthesis in Experimental Shock: Possible Role of Nitrogen Dioxide in Prostacyclin Synthase Inactivation


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Nitrogen combines with oxygen in several compounds, three of which are harmful atmospheric contaminants. Nitrous oxide, N2O, a colorless gas, plays a role in the nitrogen cycle but is not an atmospheric pollutant. Nitrogen oxide (NO) is a colorless poisonous gas that reacts with oxygen and ozone to form nitrogen dioxide, NO2, which is a brownish toxic gas, the principal constituent of photochemical smog. Another compound in smog is dinitrogen tetroxide, N2O4. Mixtures of these toxic oxides of nitrogen are collectively called NOx.

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